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Cherry and rum ice cream

Cherry and rum ice cream

We had a glut of cherries this year. We used a net to keep the birds away from the tree and it just worked its magic. But like anything else in the garden, they all come at once. So I have been rather busy in the kitchen making jams, cakes and whatever else to use up those beautiful cherries. So here's a recipe, I'm sure you will all enjoy at this time of year, "cherry and rum ice cream". It's super easy and oh! so delicious!

image with a bowl of ice cream with cherries inside, the recipe can be found on the blog of Gourmandises Academie, Cottenham, UK


600 g of cherries, pitted (you can use frozen for this)

One tin of condensed milk (397 g tin)

600 ml of double cream

150 g of icing sugar 

Three TBSP of cherry rum (or kirsch)



If you are using fresh cherries like I did, you are gonna have to remove the stone first.  Once pitted, pass them through a food processor and give them a quick blast, you don’t want them puréed, just roughly crushed.  In a bowl, pour your cream, condensed milk, icing sugar and whisk to a thick consistency. Then fold in your cherries with three TBSP of rum. Pour everything into a Tupperware and freeze overnight. The ice cream comes out soft and creamy like an Italian gelato. Pure joy!

What is cherry rum?

Every country has their own way of fermenting fruits when they come in abundance. In Reunion Island, where I come from, Rum is often flavoured with the glut of the summer, such as pineapples, mango and litchis. I am in the UK, so I do  the same using the fruits we grow here. Cherries are perfect for this, when ripe, put them in a jar with a bit of sugar and cover them with dark rum. Let them infuse for a good six months and use it in cocktails or any of your bakes. That is cherry rum. 

Bon appétit!


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Bon appétit!