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Perfect winter warmer: broccoli soup topped with chorizo and camembert

Coming from the tropics, I used to dread cold winter days. Over the years, I have learned to embrace them. This morning when I woke-up, there was a dust of snow in my garden. It was just beautiful and soothing at the same time. You can barely hear the birds singing, it’s just blissfully peaceful and relaxing.

Curled-up in my blanket, with a bowl of warm and comforting soup, I can spend hours watching the time go by.

So if you’re feeling cold and dare I say a bit under the weather, I have the perfect winter warmer: broccoli soup topped with chorizo and camembert.

perfect winter warmer: broccoli soup topped with chorizo and camembert


Ingredients: this soup will serve 4 people

  • One bag of frozen broccoli (1 kg bag) or you can use fresh as well ( a stock cube, I am not a big fan of stock cube, so I always freeze left over gravy, so I tend to use that instead, but use stock cube if you haven’t got any leftover gravy).
  • Two potatoes peeled and chopped
  • Camembert (you will need two slices of camembert for each bowl)
  • Chorizo ( you will need 4 slices of chorizo per bowl)
  • A bit of salt and pepper, not too much salt as you already have some in your stock

In a cooking pot, poor your bag of broccoli and sliced potatoes and cover with water. Bring everything to the boil and then add your stock, salt and pepper and stir. Let everything boil until the potatoes are cooked, (this should take around 10 minutes).  Using a hand mixer, blend everything until you have a smooth consistency with no bits of broccoli or potatoes. Pour your soup into individual bowls. Add 4 slices of chorizo on top and then your two slices of camembert. Put your bowls under the grill until the camembert has melted.

So here you have it, my perfect winter warmer: broccoli soup topped with chorizo and camembert

Serve with a delicious slice of sourdough. You can get delicious sourdough at Burwash Larder, Stir Cambridge, Balzano’s, just to name a few.

Et voilà

Bon appétit


P.S: if you are vegetarian, you can take out the chorizo and use only the camembert with a veggie stock cube, it is delicious too.




Perfect comfort food: my mediterranean style chicken

Perfect comfort food: my mediterranean style chicken

This week has been pretty cold. I don’t know about you, but personally when it’s like that I need to feed my soul with good, comforting food.

I have the perfect comfort food: my mediterranean chicken, to share with you.


4 chicken thighs with the skin

100 g of chorizo sliced

100 g of black olives

300 g of green beans sliced, either fresh or frozen

One TBSP of tomatoe puree


1 onion, sliced finely

4 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 TBSP of olive oil

1 tsp of oregano

In a non stick pan with one TBSP of olive oil, start frying your chicken, the skin side first then turn them around until nice and brown. Chicken thighs tend to release quite a bit of fat, so once your pieces of chicken are brown, take them out of the pan and then get rid of the excess fat. Put the pan back on the stove. Then, add your onion, let them cook 2 to 3 minutes until soft. Then add your chorizo slices, fry them for a minute. Add garlic and stir for 40 to 50 seconds, add your chicken thighs, beans, tomatoe puree, olives and a tsp of oregano, give everything a good stir. Pour some boiling water to cover the chicken, turn the heat down, and let all this cook for 30 to 40 minutes until your chicken is completely cooked and your sauce has thickened. Add some parsley before serving.

Serving suggestion: with mash potatoes or rice

Bon appétit






Quick lunch of cannellini beans and spinach

Quick Lunch of Cannellini beans and spinach

Quick lunch of cannellini beans and spinach

January, the start of a new year, but also the start of “diet craze”. I personally believe in balance. As far as I’m concerned it’s about eating a bit of everything with moderation. By that I mean, no snacking in between meals and the one and only religious three meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh! And I forgot, none of this fizzy drink craziness either. I also believe in taking time to enjoy your meal, whether it’s a moment to yourself or one spent with your family or friends. Switch off your phone for example or turn off those notifications. You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to have a healthy, tasty and balance meal. My quick lunch of cannellini beans and spinach does exactly that. Try it, it’s delicious.


  • A tin of cannellini beans in water
  • A bag of fresh spinach
  • A table spoon of your favourite chilli sauce or paste
  • An Egg
  • A frying pan (I prefer to use a frying pan instead of a normal pan, as it allows the egg to spread and cook evenly)

This is so simple to make I tell you. Pour your tin of cannellini beans into your pan, bring to the boil and add a table spoon of your favourite chilli sauce, then add the bag of spinach. When the spinach have wilted add an egg on top, and let everything simmer until your egg is cooked.

Et voilà! Serve with a piece of your favourite bread.

Bon appétit!