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Chicken cari with Brussels sprouts and cranberries

One of my go to dish at this time of year and one that I'm certain would conquer a Brussels sprouts hater. Sprouts and cranberries are not a staple of Reunion cuisine but they certainly became one in my house. After 16 years in the UK, many non Reunion ingredients have naturally appeared in my cooking. Might sound like a really weird combination, but the tartness of the cranberries just works extremely well with the sprouts. So here you have it my "chicken cari with Brussels sprouts and cranberries".

image of a plate with brussels sprouts, cranberries, rice and pieces of chicken, the recipe can be found on the blog of gourmandises academie



4 chicken thighs

250 g sprouts

150 g of cranberries

One chopped onion

4 cloves of garlic (grated)

Ginger (about the size of a tablespoon) (grated)




If you can, use a pan or pot with a heavy base for this recipe. Add two tablespoons of vegetable oil to your pan and start by frying your chicken thighs on both sides first until golden brown. Take your chicken out of the pan and add the onion, stir for 2 minutes, then add the garlic and ginger, stir until everything has softened nicely. At this point, add a little bit of turmeric (less than half a teaspoon), add your sprouts and stir. Then  put your chicken back in the pan, add a little bit of boiling water (about 200 ml), lid on and let your chicken simmer for about 30 minutes then add your cranberries, lid off let everything cook for another 15 minutes until your sauce has thickened a little. A lovely dish to have with mash potatoes or plain rice.

Bon Apétit!


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