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A mother’s day treat, vols au vent filled with a salmon mousse

A mother's day treat, vols au vent filled with a salmon mousse

March, my birthday month and also the one for Mother's day. So a big month of celebrations in my household. And that can only mean one thing "food glorious food!" The down side is that unfortunately, we will still be in lockdown and unable to get a trip to the pub or the restaurant. But, to be honest, a celebration, be it at home or elsewhere is still a celebration. So I have the perfect, little recipe for you to try. It's posh but so easy to do and definitely moreish. So here you have it "A mother's day treat, vols au vent filled with a salmon mousse"

A mother's day treat, vols au vent filled with a salmon mousse


A roll of puff pastry

200 g of smoked salmon

Juice and zest of one lime

50 ml of double cream

One egg


Line a tray with baking paper. Pre-heat your oven at 180° C

Start by preparing your egg wash. Add 2 pinch of salt to your egg and mix. Leave to the side while you prepare your mousse.  This method will prevent your egg wash from being lumpy.

To make the vols au vent, you will need two round cookie cutters, one bigger than the other. Start by cutting with the big one, then using the small cutter cut into the middle of the one you’ve cut before as per picture below. Make sure not to go too dip the second time. Make as many as you can with your pastry. Brush them with your egg wash and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes, until golden brown on top. Once cooked, pop them onto a cooling rack.

 Now pop all your salmon into a food processor and mix until totally smooth in texture, then add your cream. Now, this is where you have to be super careful, mix again, but only for 2 seconds, it’s more a quick whisk than anything else. If you mix too much you won’t have a smooth mousse but a split like butter texture and you don’t want that. Poor into a bowl, add your lime juice and zest and mix.

Cut the top of your vols au vent and spoon your lovely salmon mousse into them, I tend to use a pipping bag at that stage, but if you don’t have one, spooning your mousse is fine. Et voilà.

I like to enjoy these with a glass of bubbly

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Bon appétit!⠀

Corrine x