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Team building

How do you motivate your team?

How do you motivate your team?

A big question at this moment in time, when employers are struggling to find the right match. So, yes when you have a team, how do you reward them? And how do you make sure that your employees know that they have done a good job? And nowadays salary is only half the story!

image of a group of people gathered around a table with coloured mats, making dough during a corporate team bonding activity at cookery school gourmandises academie, Cambridge

So how do you reward your team?

It’s a real challenge in the corporate world at the moment. When I look back at my own corporate career, the companies that come back to mind are strangely enough the ones where I felt my work was valued and appreciated. The CEO of one of those companies for example, would give us a bottle of Veuve Cliquot every Christmas, and he delivered them himself. That same CEO, came to our office one afternoon and treated my colleague and I to a concert of Madonna, yep VIP tickets! (Yes I was a bit of a fan at the time, not anymore!). I have very fond memories of that time. 

I was watching a program recently featuring the Head chef at the Elysée Palace. A very stressful position, he remembers president Chirac very fondly because he would take the time at the end of his busy day to personally ring him to say thank you for the his hard work. And that was something he apparently did on a regular basis, whereas president Mitterand, in his 14 years in power only came down the kitchen once! A thank you can go a long way!

In my time, I’m talking the nineties here, employees satisfaction was not as big as today on a company’s agenda.

In a very competitive job market, a good salary is just not enough in terms of recruitment or to maintain employees satisfaction. 

From corporate gifts, team building activities, spa, gift vouchers the list goes on, today, there is an array of possibilities when it comes to rewarding a team. 

Activities around well being, enjoyment and relaxation often get a big thumbs up.

Here at the Académie we have an array of activities for your team to enjoy.


We recently had the HR team from Blancco UK. Their team works remotely and comes from around the world. The team gathered in Cambridge. They wrapped up their day of meetings with a baking class at the Académie before heading off to Newmarket for a meal. Employees included locals but some came from India and Sweden. Baking was a great way to relax, bond and have a bit of fun. Everyone went back with a big smile on their face and a box of their own creations to enjoy later. 

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