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Workshops under Covid-19

All workshops are run from the comfort of my own kitchen. We are a family of four, my husband and I are now fully vaccinated as well as my eldest daughter Alice, my youngest daughter Juliette has had her first jab.

Here is how I intend to run each class.

Lateral flow test:

To make sure that all classes are run in the safest way as possible, I am asking each participant to take a lateral flow test the morning prior to the class they have chosen to attend. Should your test be positive, don’t you worry I will arrange a new date for you, so no need to panic if the test happens to be positive, you will still be able to attend another class.


They are no longer compulsory and I won’t ask you to wear one. But should you wish to wear a visor, I have some spare ones for you to use.

Social distancing:

Following the new government guideline of 21st July 2021, there will be no social distancing anymore. Classes will be run in their full capacity of 4 or 6 depending on the class. You will still have access to your own equipment and ingredients (all ingredients are weighed and separated for each participant anyway).

The set-up of the cookery school is airy and spacious, so ventilation is not an issue. I have 2 sets of by folding doors that will be kept opened when weather permits.


Hand sanitising stations will be available at entry and where food is handled. The toilets facilities will be sanitised after each use during the course of the class. Paper towels will be available as well.

Self isolation

Students attending the workshop should not  have had or have any covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with someone displaying them. Any student attending the workshops has to abide by these rules. Should you not be able to attend the workshop because of illness let us know and we will allow you to attend another workshop. Re-arranging another date is not a problem at all. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for your safety and the one of my family that you abide by these rules.

Bon appétit!⠀

Corrine x