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Stuffed chillies deep fried in a rich turmeric batter

These stuffed chillies deep fried in a rich turmeric batter were a real hit at my last Bistrot Clandestin. They are a classic street food in Reunion Island. They are delicious and not too difficult to make, so I do hope you give it a go. They are also perfect for an aperitif.

Stuffed chillies deep fried in a rich turmeric batter


This recipe is for 4 people

4 chillies ( I’m using jalapenos, because they are quite chunky, but if you don’t want the heat, you can use a small sweet pepper, something like padron peppers or Greek peppers works well).

4 plain good quality sausages

Fresh thyme

Two spring onions

A piece of fresh ginger, about the size of a tsp, grated

250 g of plain four

2 tsp of baking powder

2 eggs

1 tsp of turmeric

A glass of water

Salt and pepper to season

Vegetable oil



Step1, the chillies

Start by taking off the sausage cases. In a bowl, add your chopped spring onions, ginger, thyme, sausage and mix well. Make an incision in your chilli peppers, be careful not to cut them in half, you want the chilli to stay whole, take off all the seeds inside. Add a bit of your sausage mix inside the chilli and set aside.

Step 2, the batter

In a bowl, add your flour, turmeric, baking powder, salt and pepper to season and mix. Then slowly add your water a little bit at a time and mix until you get a nice thick batter (similar to a pancake batter).

Step 3, the frying

Prepare a plate with kitchen paper on which your chillies will rest once fried. A deep fryer is perfect for this. I don’t have one, so I use a very deep pan or you can also use a wok. I pour enough oil to be able to deep fry my chillies. Bring your oil to a high temperature, it takes about 3 minutes. One way to find out if your oil is ready is to add a little bit of batter, if the batter floats quickly to the top, it’s ready. At that point dip your chilli into the batter, slowly add it to your hot oil (be very careful not to burn yourself), reduce the heat immediately, as you want your chilli to slowly cook and not burn, it will take a good 3 minutes to do so, until the batter is golden brown. In Reunion, we tend to serve them immediately, but you can also have them cold with a salad. And that’s it, as easy as that!

Bon appétit!⠀


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