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Curries of Reunion Island

Event Date:

November 10, 2024

Event Time:

10:00 am

Event Location:

Gourmandises Académie

This class is for you if you’re a big curry fan.

Reunion Island, where I was born, is a French colony off the coast of Madagascar, a couple of thousands miles away from Mauritius.  The Island has seen many settlers including Chinese, Hindus, people from Madagascar, all of whom had a great influence not only on its culture but most importantly its food.

Reunion Island curries take their influence from Pondicherry in India, the region was a French colonial settlement until 1954, many from that region traveled to Reunion Island in the late 17th century in search of a better life. Their settlement on the island has influenced Reunion cuisine ever since.

In this session, we will cook-up, an exotic starter using mango, lime, avocado just to name a few of the ingredients, a traditional “cari” this is a spicy and traditional dish using meat or fish, both are cooked in a rich turmeric sauce. In this session we will make 2 “cari” using chicken and fish, a rougail (a traditional side dish with chillies), a bean stew and rice, and a very exotic dessert (using papaya, mango, pineapple and rum).

Then, it’s time to eat. Take a seat at my table and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

(Unfortunately, due to its nature this event is not suitable for vegetarians nor specific dietary requirements.)

Curries of Reunion Island

This class is perfect to book as a family, with a group of friends or as a corporate bonding activity as you get to share a delicious table at the end.

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Event Schedule Details

  • November 10, 2024 10:00 am   -   3:00 pm