Workshops under Covid-19

After 5 months of inaction due to the pandemic, the cookery school is due to open its doors in September 2020. For your safety and my own, the school will have to operate differently to adhere to the new government advice.

Here is how I intend to run each class.

Social distancing:

Only three people will be allowed to attend each class. There will be 3 separate workstations, where possible, separated by at least 1.5 metres. Each station will have its own equipment and ingredients. There will be no sharing of workstations, unless the participants are from the same bubble.


I will be wearing a face shield but the mask won’t be compulsory for participants. Visors will be available should you wish to wear one.

Food handling during the class:

Gourmandises already operates with a high level of hygiene with a 5 stars rating from  South Cambridgeshire District Council. Extra precautions will be taken. The oven will no longer be accessible by students, all baked goods will only be accessible by me and handed in to the students. Gloves will be worn when necessary.

Breaks and lunch:

On arrival each student will be provided with a named bottle of water and compostable cup.

Lunch won’t be shared French style on the table anymore, each participant will be provided with its own plate full.

When weather permits lunch will be served outside.

The set-up of the cookery school is airy and spacious, so ventilation is not an issue. I have 2 sets of by folding doors that will be kept opened when weather permits.


Hand sanitising stations will be available at entry and where food is handled. The toilets facilities will be sanitised after each use during the course of the class. Paper towels will be available as well.

Self isolation

Students attending the workshop should not  have had any covid-19 symptoms or been in contact with someone displaying them. Any student attending the workshops has to abide by these rules. Should you not be able to attend the workshop because of illness let us know and we will allow you to attend another workshop.