La galette des rois, also called Pithivier

la galette des rois also called Pithivier

Many of you asked for the recipe on social media, so here it is. If you go to France at this time of year, you will find this cake in every boulangerie, supermarkets included. “La galette des rois, also called Pithivier” is baked to celebrate the Epiphany. This is a tradition that I do miss. I remember going to the boulangerie with my parents to buy it. Each galette has a little “fève” inside, traditionnally it used to be a dry broad bean. Nowadays it is actually a little ceramic figurine often representing the characters of the lastest Disney movie.

The person who bites into it, becomes King or Queen.

Many bring it to the workplace to share with their work colleagues, and whoever finds the “fève”, has to buy the next galette.  This goes on until the end of January!

But here is the recipe:

Pre-heat your oven at 170° C fan

2 rolls of ready made puff pastry, please go for an all butter one, as many of the others actually contain palm oil.

2 eggs

120 g of ground almonds

120 g sugar (can be caster or granulated)

2 TBSP of flour

120 g of butter at room temperature (soft)

One TBSP of rum

One egg yolk

You will also need a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Using a plate, draw a 9″ circle and an 8″ circle on your puff pastry.

For the frangipane, mix all the ingredients together (the 2 eggs, butter, flour, sugar, ground almonds and rum) into a  paste.


Place the 8″ circle on your baking tray and spread the frangipane on top. Don’t spread the frangipane too close to the border of your pastry, you need to leave at least a 1.5 cm gap to seal the two pastries together. Add a little bit of egg yolk to that centimetre gap. Then place the 9″ circle on top and seal the two pastries together pressing with your fingers. You can draw pretty patterns on top using a sharp knife. Brush the top of your galette with a bit of egg yolk for a lovely golden finish.

Pop your galette into the oven for a good 40 to 45 minutes until golden brown on top.

Et voilà

Bon appétit!


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