Padrón peppers, chorizo and poached eggs

padron peppers, chorizo and poached eggs

This is a recipe you could easily have at lunch time or even as part of a brunch: padrón peppers, chorizo and poached eggs.

As some of you may know, I spent my childhood in the South of France. My dad used to have an allotment. He grew all kinds of peppers, padrón, being his favourite. I remember spending  a lot of time with him, picking them. My mum used to make this at lunch time quite a lot. She didn’t actually use chorizo but anchovies instead. I didn’t have any in my cupboard, so went for chorizo and it tasted great. It’s super easy to do. So what’s not to like?


Padrón peppers (about 4 to 6 per person)

Chorizo ( you don’t need a lot, about 50 g or so cut into cubes)

1 or 2 poached eggs per person

Your favourite slice of bread

A non stick pan

One tbsp of olive oil

Start by poaching your eggs. While they are poaching, in a pan, fry the padrón peppers until they become soft and a bit char on top. Then, add your chorizo and lightly fry for a minute or so.

padron peppers, chorizo and poached eggs

For this recipe I like to use either a piece of sourdough or a chunky piece of multi-seed loaf that I toast.

I don’t butter my toast, that’s just me but please feel free to do so. Place your padrón peppers on top first then the poached eggs and the pieces of chorizo.

Et voilà…

P.S: you can replace the chorizo with cottage cheese or even a beautiful goat cheese, if you are vegetarian. Also, if you don’t have padrón, you can use normal peppers sliced in quarters.

Bakeries: Cambridge is lucky to have a good variety of bakeries, here are some that I use, Balzano’s, Stir and Burwash Larder.